What our managed wordpress offering entails

We do all the dirty stuff

A lot of people just want to concemtrate on their core business and either don’t have the resources to retain an entire IT team to look after their WordPress website or are sick of having to be thier own IT.

We know the feeling ourselves and have set out to make it possible for you to just get down to your business whilst we do all the dirty work.

We will:

  • install wordpress (for new websites/blogs)
  • install your choice plugins (we have a list of safe plugins you can choose from)
  • fortify your website, denying access to malicious idiots who may want to cuase damage to it
  • update WordPress to the latest stable release
  • backup your wordpress site every night, weekly, fourthnightly or at an interval that suites your needs (we also offer hourly back ups)
  • restore your website to the last backup – incase something seriously goes wrong (there are a lot of evil people oput there trying to get you)
  • give you access to our knowledge base and resource portals (we have a lot of information and advise on doing business online, you want access to those

Why not sign up for an account today?

Is this for only new websites?


We will migrate your website to our servers free of charge when you sign up for any one of our accounts.


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